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Atomizer or Cartomizer – Which is best?

When I found out about the electric cigarette, I had so many questions to ask about the electronic cigarette, and no where to turn to get those answers. I fell into the e-cigarette trap and ended up buying an electric cig that was not the best one for me. Had I known a little more about the many different types of e-cigarettes I might have chose the one I use now. There are many different types of electronic cigarettes, but they all use one of the following devices called an atomizer, or a cartomizer. There is a big difference between these two electric cig devices. each one is used to make the electric cigarette work. However they are very different in the ways they are used to make the e-juice vaporize so it can be inhaled. It can be very confusing to the new electric cigarette user, and I really hope I am able to clear up any questions that may arise during your decision to switch from the dangerous tobacco cigarette to the less dangerous electric cig.

The Cartomizer for the E-Cig

For those new to the electronic cigarette, the cartomizer is by far the better choice. When using a cartomizer, there is no need to fiddle with a detachable atomizer since the cartomizer comes in a single piece with the atomizer and flavored e-juice cartridge already installed. This enables the user to quickly replace a cartomizer by unscrewing the cartomizer and attaching a new cartridge. For those that enjoy looking fashionable while smoking the e-cigarette, cartomizers now come in a variety of colors. These colors also have an additional benefit – they can be used as a great way to keep track of the various flavored e-liquid one might have in each cartridge.

The Atomizer for the E-Cigarette

The mouthpiece is a small disposable plastic cup-like piece affixed to the end of the tube. Inside the mouthpiece is a smaller plastic cup which holds an absorbent material, usually wool, that is saturated with a flavored e-liquid solution that may contain nicotine. This inner cup is made such that air is able to flow around it and through a hole in the end of the outer piece. This is necessary for the atomizer to provide the ability for suction to move the vapor into the user's mouth. The mouthpiece is referred to in the industry as a cartridge. When the e-liquid in the cartridge has been depleted, it can either be refilled with e-juice by the user or replaced with another pre-filled cartridge.

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Another alternative to using cartridges is the direct dripping method using drip tips. By removing the absorbent material, one is able to simply remove the plastic mouthpiece and drip several drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomizer bridge. To further ease dripping, some manufacturers have created specialty mouthpieces made of stainless steel or plastic that are intended just for dripping e-juice onto the atomizer and do not require removal each time you drip.

The heating element serves to vaporize the e-liquid in the mouthpiece so that it can be inhaled. This component is referred to in the industry as an "atomizer". Atomizers have a finite life of about one month (on average) and are one of the recurring expenses associated with electronic cigarettes.

A Secret To Trying out the E-Juice or E- Liquid

As you can see, the cartomizer is by far better than the Atomizer for the Electric Cigarette. Before buying either type of Electronic Cigarette, I strongly suggest trying one out before buying it. I know what you are thinking, How can I try the Electric Cigarette without buying it? Well I know a little secret that most people do not about the E-Cig or Electronic cigarette, and only discovered it about a month after I started using the electric cigarette. In most large shopping malls, there is a kiosk set up that sells the kits and cartomizers for the electronic cigarette. They are easy to find because the salespeople are dressed in a shirt that looks like something a nascar team would be wearing. They allow you to try out the several flavors of e-juice they offer, and of course will try to get you to purchase one of their several kits, ranging from $180 to $250 dollars. This is the kit I also bought only after buying one of the drip atomizer electronic cigarettes online. If you wish to buy their kit, it is up to you, but I can tell you there is several electronic cigarette stores listed on my website that will sell a better kit, or one compareable to the mall kit, at a greater reduced price. Another reason I tell you to go to the mall and try it out first, The Electric Cigarette is not for everyone.

My mother has problems with them, and actually chokes badly on the e-liquid mixture. I have tried several different types of E-Juice, hoping to find one that will not choke her like they do. I have even tried both the PG, and VG type E-liquids, Both of them gets her choking and coughing really bad. But then again she has been diagnosed with C.O.P.D. and this might be the reason. I have also heard stories that some people are actually allergic to the mixtures in the E-Juice and this could be the reason it chokes her also. Whatever you decide on, I hope it is the decission to stop smoking the high priced carcenegic cigarettes, and switch to the zero carcenigic Electronic cigarette, E-Cig, Electric Cigarette, and start vaping, as it is called in the E-Cigarette world.